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Raking in Rave Reviews: A Guide to Google My Business Feedback

Raking in Rave Reviews: A Guide to Google My Business Feedback

Gaining the trust of potential customers who found your business through advertisements often boils down to establishing credibility – this is where social proof comes into play. Validating the reliability of your product and service via customer reviews significantly impacts the buying decisions of your leads.

To encourage customer reviews, ask your patrons directly! This could be facilitated through several channels such as emails, social media groups and posts, or through personal outreach to your most committed customers.

A review process should be as hassle-free as possible for your customers. Hence, in this post, we’ll be illustrating how to generate a direct link for Google My Business reviews; a free service from Google that enables the display of your business details within search results.

  1. Commence by copying this part of the link:
  2. Paste it in a text document of your choice. It could be Notepad, Word, etc.
  3. Next, visit this URL:
  4. Type your business name into the search bar. Ensure it’s registered with Google My Business; for more details, refer to the attached screenshot.
  5. In the ensuing page, locate and copy the Place ID (as indicated by the red underline in the post’s image). It might resemble this: ChIJc-kejKsHMkcRUxwb_gPQCYw. However, each one is unique.
  6. Append this ID to the link you copied initially, positioned after the equal symbol. The final link will look as follows:
  7. By clicking on this link, a review-writing window for your business pops up, accessible both on PCs and smartphones.
  8. Having sorted this, simply circulate the link among your clientele and reap the benefits of their valuable feedback.
Raking in Rave Reviews: A Guide to Google My Business Feedback

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