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Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Google PPC advertising can be described as a pay-per-click marketing system that has drastically evolved over the past 5 years. Through the continuous improvement and learning of the system’s algorithms, an expansive understanding of clients and their customers has been developed. These insights, derived from analyzing large amounts of data, have cultivated an advertising mechanism that is effective for businesses.

Contemporary PPC advertising operates on a pay-per-click model, designed to not only attract the desired lead to the advertiser but also, in certain scenarios, it triggers customer conversion.

The crux of your PPC campaign is your bidding strategy—the setting that determines your expenditure and what you’re spending on. When initiating your maiden advertising campaign, the system is programmed to propose an optimal strategy for you.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Exercise patience before setting prices manually and overriding Google’s intelligent learning process. Your marketing objectives, be it boosting sales, elevating the brand’s profile, or drawing new audiences, should dictate the selection of a strategy that conserves your advertising budget while ensuring speedy success.

For a calculated decision, it is prudent to comprehend the core algorithm that drives each strategy.

Target Cost per Conversion

Top choice for: marketers that are in sync with their advertising budget, maintain excellent records in Google Ads, and determine their own click cost, but still aim to optimize conversion counts without surging the cost.

Special Features: This strategy hinges on machine learning, indicating that the system requires data about the individuals who are executing targeted activities on your website, from the type of gadgets used, at different times of the day, and originating from diverse geographical zones. For the application of this strategy, your campaign needs to establish Conversion Tracking. After gathering data from as few as 30 conversions, Google is equipped to forecast the potential of a particular click, and whether your bid will have an impact on reaching the targeted action.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Outcomes: Should the conversion rate be impressive, Google will elevate your bid and the ranking of your advertisement. For less certain clicks, the cost will be trimmed down. Ultimately, the average target price remains steady while the conversion ratio experiences an upward trend.

Target return on Advertising Investment

Ideal for: E-commerce platforms featuring a wide array of products where the promotional expenses for every item should be reimbursed through their sales. This also pertains to establishments like hotels providing online reservation services, whereby the return on investment (ROI) for every customer drawn through promotional activity is predetermined.

Characteristics: Similar to the foregoing strategy, this one also harnesses the power of machine learning. Working on the data it has analyzed, the system establishes the likelihood of securing a sale and if showcasing the ad initially is worth the risk, subsequently augmenting the bid. The responsibility lies with the advertiser to specify the target profit (like the proportion of the product’s cost to the expense of procuring a customer) and initiate Conversion Tracking.

Machine learning boasts a vast repertoire of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) signals, exceeding 2000 in number, which pose a challenge to consider while manually assigning rates. Google takes notice of factors like your customer’s operating system, the applications and browsers they utilize, their interest level in your proposal and the search inquiries they carry out. The goal behind this examination is to present the user with what intrigues them the most.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Outcome: After monitoring conversions and strategizing for 2-3 months, advertisers have the option to augment their promotional budget without compromising the profit margin. In such circumstances, expanding the budget is more likely to deliver a greater frequency of sales as compared to manual bidding.

Maximum Number of Clicks

Optimal For: businesses seeking to draw in more site traffic and manage spending within a tight budget, in addition to advertisers not too concerned about the price of their keywords and not actively tracking them.

Functionality: The “Automatic Bidding” strategy is something a lot of people are well-versed with. During the setting up process, all a user needs to do is specify how much they are willing to shell out on a daily basis. If aiming for bids relating to their niche, a user can even define a maximum limit for CPC (cost per click).

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Post application, the strategy will shift into a learning phase, which essentially involves it amassing campaign-specific statistics. This learning phase typically lasts a week. It’s advised that you avoid making any sort of alterations during this duration.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Outcome: Upon examining your search terms, Google Ads streamlines ad serving to ensure maximum click-throughs to your site without going beyond your stipulated monthly budget. However, daily spending may sometimes surpass specified amounts if the system identifies this can induce more clicks.

Maximum Conversions

Perfectly Tailored To: Given the similarity in fundamental operations with preceding strategies, this suggests that it is an apt choice for businesses striving to get maximum value from their existing budget. What we’re focusing on in this context is the highest quantity of accomplished target activities.

Characteristics: Google, through analyzing user behaviors, places an ad where the chances of accomplishing a targeted activity (such as calling, making a sale, completing a form on the website, etc.) are high.

Outcome: The budget allocated for advertising stays constant, but the number of conversions dramatically upscales. Consequently, the expense per conversion decreases. It is strongly suggested to implement goal tracking for you to have a precise understanding of how relevant this strategy is to your business.

Target Position on a Search Page

Ideal for: Businesses that prioritize promoting their brand image and recognition, and necessitate a speedy launch of a marketing campaign, sale, or an event. This advertising method is tailor-made to swiftly achieve these objectives.

Characteristics: With the right settings in place, your ads can achieve the top ranking on the first page of search results or feature anywhere else on the same page. In certain situations, the system might dish out an average cost per click greater than your defined maximum limit. You have the flexibility to entrust all to the automatic bidding system or stick to manual bidding alongside manual adjustments. Please note, this strategy is exclusive to the search network.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

The highlight of this strategy is its remarkable efficiency. The system is designed to eliminate the need to amass data on your website’s visitors, instead, your bids will see an update within minutes of enabling the strategy.

Outcome: Rapid increment in website visitor count, and your brand enjoying visibility on the first page of search results. When opting for this strategy, it’s worthy to invest in impressions positioned above search outcomes. Specifically, the top three slots are typically the most attractive and frequently viewed by online users.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

Target Percent of Gains

Ideal For: Entities competing for the top spot where even if their prime adversary is dominating the search results, they would still land on the list. This strategy becomes operative once you have precise knowledge about your competition.

Characteristics: This thrilling yet infrequent tactic proves effective for enterprises having no daily budget boundary. The settings of this strategy require you to mention a competing domain, the share of auctions you aim to triumph, and the apex bid limit. The more elevated the metrics, the larger the sum that may be needed to compete.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

It’s plausible that your adversary has a similar scheme in action. In such a scenario, bids will escalate until one of the bidders hits the preset limit. However, even then, when it comes to determining whose advertisement will rank higher, Google will not just evaluate the bids but also the caliber of the ads. Therefore, ensure to scrutinize the relevancy of the ad and the overall page, the existence of a sound mobile version of your website, compare your page load speed with your competitors’, and the access to HTTPS protocol before injecting funds into this strategy. If the masses perceive a rival’s site to be superior, convincing Google otherwise– even with the highest bid limit– could pose a challenge.

Outcome: Enhanced brand visibility owing to superior positions in search results compared to competitors. The strategy begins to show results within a week.

Cost per conversion Optimizer

Ideal For: E-commerce platforms seeking to boost their conversion rates, save time, and automate their ad campaigns. This solution is particularly effective for businesses that are already witnessing a substantial influx of conversions through Google Ads. In cases where conversion probabilities appear low, the bid will accordingly deduct.

Qualities: The primary function of this approach involves amplifying the bid to present ads to users who demonstrate a higher likelihood of executing the desired action. Concurrently, the cost per click will not surpass an increase of 30% over the predetermined maximum bid. For a comprehensive analysis and functioning, the algorithm requires a minimum of 15 conversions monthly. An evaluation of the strategy’s effectiveness can be concluded approximately three weeks post-launch. Hence, it’s prudent to brace for considerable expenditure during this trial phase.

Impact: Expect a marked upsurge in conversions along with a decline in their individual cost, although this would necessitate an escalation in the advertising budget.

Which Strategy Should you Choose?

Finding the right strategy requires a thoughtful and holistic approach and should consider several variables from your business objectives to the strategies employed by your competitors. The infographic below provides some useful guidance.

Level Up with Genius Google Ads Strategies

For those aiming to enhance their visibility online, the strategies ‘Seeking Specific Position on a Search Page’ or ‘Pursuing Percentage of Profits’ will likely hold the most benefit. Conversely, if your primary goal is to increase your webpage’s traffic, the ‘Maximize Click-Through Rate’ strategy proves most effective. More sophisticated algorithms, on the other hand, will best serve those seeking to ramp up conversions rates.

Don’t forget, the great thing about a strategy is its adaptability—you can switch it at any point. However, bear in mind that seeing any substantial results, whether they be positive or negative, will typically require anywhere from one to three weeks’ time.

Engage in careful tracking of your marketing campaign’s outcomes, and make your advertising objectives a reality at a reduced cost!

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