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Nick Berns, New Zealand
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PROJECT TYPE: #Bing Ads #Digital Marketing #Facebook Ads #Google Ads #Google Analytics #Google Display Network #Google Shopping #Google Tag Manager #PPC Advertising #PPC Management #Video Ads #YouTube Ads

Hi! My name is Nick Berns, and I’m the CEO of BlueLightWeb. We are a VIP design and search engine optimization company.

As a couple of my clients expressed interest in pursuing pay-per-click advertising, I was looking to onboard an expert to assist with AdWords management. As you may know, it’s not easy to find a trustworthy and reliable AdWords expert, and I was very pleased when found Ruslan. From the very first day, Ruslan convinced me with this in-depth expertise in Adwords and everything pay-per-click. He convinced me with his transparent and professional work ethic, and with exceptional communication skills.

On the very first project that we collaborated on, he went well beyond expectations. He produced results I had never expected. Since then I’ve worked with Ruslan on multiple projects. Projects that range from a simple setup of an AdWords account and doing product market validation with AdWords to full account management across a lifecycle to more sophisticated campaigns, where we set up sophisticated conversion tracking systems using Google Tag Manager linked to analytics to create audience segmentation and then fed all that data back to Adwords to create data-driven campaigns using intelligent strategies.

We didn’t even scare away from AdWords accounts with foreign languages. On all these projects Ruslan succeeded. He made all of them turn into a success story, and I was very pleased with his work. The thing that I liked most about working with Ruslan, however, is not that he’s an expert, it’s not just that, it’s that he’s also somebody who can consult and help make the right decisions.

If you’re not sure what type of ads you want to run is it search ads or display ads, if you’re not sure what kind of a test you should be really doing, if you’re not sure how to segment your users, if you’re not sure what kind of metrics you should be tracking and using, it’s okay. Know your business, know your product and know what outcome you need, and Ruslan will help you with the rest. He will sit down, he will understand your business, he will brainstorm with you, he will strategize, and he will work out the right strategy and the right solution for your business in your product.

I’m very much looking forward to working on more projects with Ruslan and if you’re still not sure, I just highly recommend him.



Shevyrtalov Ilia, Russia
Source: Direct
PROJECT TYPE: #Bing Ads #Digital Marketing #Facebook Ads #Google Ads #Google Analytics #Google Display Network #Google Tag Manager #PPC Advertising #PPC Management #Video Ads

Review about cooperation with Web-Sci advertising agency

I have a really specific business providing services for online games. We sell our services through the website and we were endlessly looking for someone, who’s able to help us to improve our adv system and get into our business. We’ve tested lots of Google Ads specialists but then found a Web-Sci ads agency.

We’ve increased our sales and got lots of new customers. I’m really thankful to the chief of the Web-Sci advertising agency – Ruslan Tula. He knows exactly what to do and how everything works out.


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