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From Start to Finish: My Work Process – Stages, Strategies, and Cost of Work

From Start to Finish: My Work Process – Stages, Strategies, and Cost of Work

Are you planning to order my services? Then this article is for you.

I’ll tell you in detail how I work, why I chose a given strategy and how I calculate the cost of my services.

Stages of cooperation

1️⃣ Step 1. Getting to know the project. At this stage, I make contact with the potential client and discuss the project details and goals.

2️⃣ Step 2. The Brief. The starting point for further work is filling in the Brief. From this, I learn what goals a Client sets and why they need advertising. I will understand what strategy I’ll use and what tasks, KPIs, and budgets need to be set.

3️⃣ Step 3. Strategy. Based on the brief, I create an advertising strategy. I will write out in detail in the commercial proposal what I’ll set up, how long it will take, and what kind of advertising budget is needed.

4️⃣ Step 4. Agreement. After agreeing on the actions and the budgets, I sign a contract with the client, where my guarantees and working conditions are written out. The term of the contract is 1 month and if the parties do not terminate it, then the contract will be automatically extended each time for another 1 month.

Working Methods

As a Client, you can choose from two types of services we offer:

1. Paid Setup

First, we develop a strategy together and set up your advertising account. The cost of the work is based on the number of hours I will need to complete the task. An hour of my work costs 45 to 55 USD. The more hours you buy at one time, the cheaper the cost per hour.

This option is suitable for one-time tasks when you don’t need to constantly manage and monitor your advertising campaign. It is important to keep in mind that any additional settings are charged separately at the rate per hour. However, if you choose this method of work, all settings and advertising accounts are completely yours.

Moving on to point 3.

2. Free setup

In this case, I set up all ad accounts for free, both before and after you run your ads while managing your ad account. You only pay for the monthly management of these accounts. All advertising accounts belong to me, you as a client have the opportunity to buy them back after 12 months of work.

Moving on to point 3.

3. Managing your advertising accounts.

I am prepared to take on the complete management of your advertising accounts. I work on a well-defined strategy that includes a fixed minimum payment, plus a percentage of your advertising budget that is charged monthly.

The more you are willing to invest in your advertising campaign, the lower the percentage I take from the total budget. This allows me to be as flexible as possible and adapt to any business needs.

Working with me, you get not only professional management of your advertising accounts but also an effective strategy that will be optimized to achieve your business goals. I constantly monitor campaign performance, adjust strategies and adjust targeting to ensure you get the best ROI.

Choose professionalism and reliability with my services and get the best results from your PPC Ads.


Let’s consider a case study of a rooftop repair client in the U.S. who requires full management of their Google Ads campaigns. To illustrate, let’s analyze two approaches to this task and find out which one will provide more benefit to the client.

Paid Setup

Together with the client, we determined that to achieve their business goals we would need to set up 3 search advertising campaigns and one advertising campaign with remarketing, as well as setting up site conversions. The advertising budget was 6000 USD per month.

The cost of the complete campaign setup was 900 USD (18 hours of work at 50 USD/hour). After the launch of the campaign monthly management fee was 1339 USD (499 + 14% of the advertising budget), and the advertising budget has not changed for all three months of work.

1. The first month of work is 900 USD + 1339 USD = 2239 USD.
2. The second month of work is 300 USD (6 hours of work because the client wanted to set up additional advertising campaigns) + 1339 USD = 1639 USD
3. The third month of work 250 USD (5 hours of work because the client wanted to change the marketing proposal and some settings in campaigns) + 1339 USD = 1589 USD

The total cost of the Client for three months: 5467 USD.

Free Setup

This option involves the same amount of work but without the initial setup costs. The client is also given a Google Ads promo code for 500 USD.

With this approach, all initial and additional setups performed in subsequent months incur no additional cost to the client.

1. The first month of work – 1339 USD.
2. The second month of work – 1339 USD (+6 hours free of extra cost despite the fact that the Client wanted to set up additional advertising campaigns).
3. The third month of work – 1339 USD (+5 hours free of extra cost despite the fact that the Client asked to change a marketing offer and change some settings in advertising campaigns)
4. A Promo-code for up to 500 USD for advertising is also provided, which is added to the balance of the advertising account.

The total cost for the client over three months, after applying the promo code, would be 1339 * 3 – 500 = 3517 USD.

As a result, when selecting free setup, the client saves 37% of the cost, compared to the option of paying for setup. This means that my clients get high-quality advertising campaigns and their management at a much better price.

I recommend taking advantage of all the benefits of our free setup to advertise your business as effectively and profitably as possible. However, the right to choose is always yours 🙂

What does PPC Management include

My comprehensive PPC management services include:

1. In-depth account assessment: I dive deep into your account, strategically excluding non-target search queries and keywords to refine your audience.

2. Conflict resolution: I ensure there are no conflicts between keywords and audiences that may negatively impact your ad performance.

3. Ad review: I scrutinize your ads and ad extensions, ensuring they are optimized for your campaign objectives.

4. Campaign analysis: I continuously evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and audiences to identify areas of improvement.

5. Conversion and goal tracking: I closely monitor your account’s conversions and advertising goals, making sure they align with your overall business objectives.

6. Anomaly detection: By analyzing your conversions, goals, and traffic, I can quickly identify and address any anomalies.

7. Platform optimization: I meticulously analyze and remove underperforming websites and platforms, honing in on where your ads perform best.

8. Technical support: I work with advertising system support to address any technical issues or questions that may come up.

9. Recommendation evaluation: I scrutinize automatic recommendations provided by advertising systems, ensuring they align with your strategy before implementation.

10. Budget management: I oversee your ad spend, preventing overspending or underspending within each calendar month.

11. Bidding strategies: I manage the bids and smart strategies of your advertising accounts, ensuring maximum ROI on your ad spend.

12. Conversion optimization: Through thorough analysis and strategic adjustments, I aim to maintain or increase your conversions while striving to reduce associated costs.

13. Competitive analysis: I conduct regular analysis of your competitors’ strategies to help you stay ahead in the market.

14. Geographic targeting: I optimize your ads for geographic targeting, ensuring they reach your audience in the right locations at the right times.

15. Remarketing strategies: I devise effective remarketing strategies, helping you re-engage with visitors who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app.

16. A/B testing: I implement A/B testing on various elements of your campaigns to identify what works best for your target audience.

17. Reporting and insights: I provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports on your campaign’s performance, along with actionable insights for future strategies.

18. Compliance: I ensure all campaigns are compliant with the guidelines of the respective advertising platform.

19. Continuous learning: As part of my commitment to excellence, I continuously keep ourselves updated with the latest PPC trends and technologies.

20. Personalized attention: Every client is unique, and so are their needs. I offer personalized attention to each client, ensuring your advertising goals align perfectly with my strategies.

By choosing my PPC Management Service, you are not only investing in an ad campaign but also in a partnership that is determined to see your business succeed.

My main goal is to provide you with a seamless, effective, and results-driven PPC Management Service.

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