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Inga Avedyan


Inga Avedyan, Canada
Source: UpWork
INDUSTRY: #B2C #E-Commerce
PROJECT TYPE: #Digital Marketing #Facebook Ads #Google Ads #Google Analytics #Google Display Network #Google Shopping #Google Tag Manager #PPC Advertising #PPC Management

Ruslan has been so prompt for offering his help with my Google Ads setup. I’m highly excited to work together more on a monthly basis now.

He knows what he is doing and communication has been so great so far.

Contract with Inga Avedyan from UpWork
Azar Gasimov from UpWork

Berta Furniture Hardware

Azar Gasimov, USA
Source: UpWork
INDUSTRY: #B2B #Construction #E-Commerce #Manufacturing
PROJECT TYPE: #Digital Marketing #Google Ads #Google Analytics #Google Display Network #Google Shopping #Google Tag Manager #PPC Advertising #PPC Management

Ruslan is an exceptionally professional freelancer. His communication skills are outstanding, and he adeptly clarified every detail.

I highly recommend him for his expertise and dedication!

Contract with Azar Gasimov from UpWork


Bykov Denis, Czech Republic
Source: Direct
INDUSTRY: #B2C #E-Commerce #Flowers Delivery
PROJECT TYPE: #Digital Marketing #Google Ads #Google Display Network #Google Tag Manager thanks Web-Sci for effective assistance in achieving the organization’s business goals with the help of contextual advertising tools. The specialists of the agency are attentive to details and ready for non-standard solutions of client’s problems. They show a high level of professionalism and responsibility.

During our cooperation, the profitability indicators of the main directions of the company have been significantly improved. Each task is solved with a deep understanding of our interests and priorities.

I would like to note that the Web-Sci team has excellent communication with customers, not a single question remains unanswered. All adjustments in advertising campaigns are thoughtful and fast.

In addition to this, I would like to thank the head of the agency Tula Ruslan for a systematic approach and everyday work! From the moment we started working together, working with online advertising has become more comfortable and efficient for us.

Summing up, we can say that working with Web-Sci we get excellent services and a high level of quality in the execution of all tasks thanks to an enormous positive experience in Internet marketing of Web-Sci.

Igor Korotkikh


Korotkikh Igor
Source: Direct
INDUSTRY: #B2B #E-Commerce
PROJECT TYPE: #Digital Marketing #Google Ads #Google Analytics #Google Shopping #Google Tag Manager #PPC Advertising #PPC Management #Yandex.Direct

LLC “SKVIS” expresses its gratitude for your consistently high level of professionalism, creative approach to organizing an advertising campaign and attentiveness to the needs of customers.

For over one year, the organization of our advertising campaign is led by the company Web-Sci.

It’s extremely pleasant and easy to work with Web-Sci, we know that we can always count on professional, timely and comprehensive advice on emerging issues, get the proper recommendations and advice.

Separately, I would like to note the active introduction of new technologies in the field of digital advertising, helping us to get new customers from new sources of traffic. ROI pleases us, and continues to grow!

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