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Captivating Hearts with Precision: Google Ads Success for NOTTA & BELLE

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Business Situation

Since 2018, NOTTA & BELLE has been captivating hearts worldwide with their unique romantic gifts, particularly their signature product – a rose in glass. This product, inspired by the fairy tale ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ is not just a flower but an emotion, preserved to last up to five years. Despite its high price, the challenge was to make this premium product a symbol of love and luxury.


NOTTA & BELLE approached Tula Digital Marketing with specific needs:

  • To stand out in a saturated flower market filled with similar offerings.
  • To target a premium segment willing to pay for high-quality, unique romantic gifts.
  • To increase orders from European countries, especially Germany and France, in a highly competitive digital space.
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Tula Digital Marketing crafted a multi-faceted approach:

  • Geo-targeted Google Ads Campaigns: Launched in key European markets, with a focus on Germany and France.
  • Brand and Search Campaigns: Tailored to resonate with audiences seeking high-end romantic gifts.
  • Remarketing Strategies: Implemented to re-engage potential customers and reinforce brand value.
  • Google Shopping Integration: To showcase the product effectively and attract a discerning clientele.


  • Localized Content: Collaborated with translators to create culturally resonant ad copies in German and French.
  • Targeted Messaging: Highlighted the uniqueness and emotional value of the rose in glass to attract the right audience.


The campaign yielded impressive results:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Achieved an average conversion rate of CZK 313 across all campaigns.
  • High Engagement in Target Markets: The majority of conversions were from Germany and France.
  • Effective Brand Positioning: Established NOTTA & BELLE as a premium choice in the romantic gift segment. The cheapest conversions (25-30 CZK) and the highest CTR (around 50%) were shown by brand campaigns.

Performance Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Campaigns: Managed to reduce the cost per acquisition while maintaining high-quality leads.
  • Brand Recognition: Enhanced NOTTA & BELLE’s presence in the European market as a luxury romantic gift provider.


This campaign demonstrated that effective digital marketing strategies could significantly impact a premium brand’s market presence. By understanding the unique value proposition of NOTTA & BELLE’s rose in glass and targeting the right audience, Tula Digital Marketing helped the brand achieve remarkable growth and recognition in the competitive European market.



Bykov Denis, Czech Republic thanks Web-Sci for effective assistance in achieving the organization’s business goals with the help of contextual advertising tools. The specialists of the agency are attentive to details and ready for non-standard solutions of client’s problems. They show a high level of professionalism and responsibility.

During our cooperation, the profitability indicators of the main directions of the company have been significantly improved. Each task is solved with a deep understanding of our interests and priorities.

I would like to note that the Web-Sci team has excellent communication with customers, not a single question remains unanswered. All adjustments in advertising campaigns are thoughtful and fast.

In addition to this, I would like to thank the head of the agency Tula Ruslan for a systematic approach and everyday work! From the moment we started working together, working with online advertising has become more comfortable and efficient for us.

Summing up, we can say that working with Web-Sci we get excellent services and a high level of quality in the execution of all tasks thanks to an enormous positive experience in Internet marketing of Web-Sci.


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