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Turning Pages into Profits: A Google Ads Success Story for Aktion-Press

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Business Situation

Since 2018, Aktion-Press, a leader in the professional media market, has been publishing electronic and printed materials for a diverse professional audience. With millions of readers, their challenge was to amplify sales of their print and electronic publications through their website.


Aktion-Press sought to enhance their market presence and increase conversions. They needed a strategy that would leverage their strong brand and reputation while maximizing their digital advertising impact.

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  • Google Ads: We launched targeted search ads for each publication and implemented a ‘Target price per conversion’ strategy, optimizing bids for higher conversion likelihood.
  • Yandex.Direct: Given Aktion-Press’s niche market, we used broad key matches in Yandex.Direct, capturing even mistyped search queries.
  • Gmail Ads: Although this approach didn’t yield the desired results, it was a valuable learning experience in selecting the most effective platforms for our client.


We worked closely with Aktion-Press’s marketing team to stay updated on promotions and pricing, allowing us to swiftly adapt our campaigns for maximum relevance and impact.


  • The campaigns achieved a remarkable CTR of over 20%.
  • We maintained conversion costs well below the client’s threshold, demonstrating the efficiency of our targeted strategies.
  • Specific publications saw significant conversion rates, like ‘Glavbukh’ with 67 conversions at a cost of 188 rubles per conversion.


CampaignConversionsAvg. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
The Magazine ‘Glavbukh’67188 rubles
The Magazine ‘Company Lawyer’16342 rubles
The Journal ‘Personnel business’25351 rubles

The client had set a limit on conversion cost at 1000 rubles, and the use of smart strategies allowed us to not stay under it, but also leave a wide margin.

Performance Benefits

  • Our approach led to a significant increase in sales and sustained market leadership.
  • We continue to work with Aktion-Press, constantly monitoring and adjusting campaigns to align with market dynamics and promotional activities.


This case study exemplifies how tailored digital advertising strategies, especially in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct, can significantly boost sales and market presence for professional literature publishers like Aktion-Press.



The head of the online store - Yashchenko A.A.

The e-commerce department of the Action-Press media group expresses its gratitude to the Web-Sci agency represented by Tul Ruslan Sergeevich for the work done.

Since the beginning of cooperation in January 2017, campaigns have been created in Yandex.Direct – search, retargeting, in Google Adwords – search, remarketing, advertising on Youtube.

Web-Sci represented by Tul Ruslan Sergeevich very quickly answers the questions asked. You don’t have to worry about the created campaigns, since Ruslan Sergeevich monitors the results, analyzes and, if necessary, immediately adjusts the advertising settings.

The results of joint work can neither please, tk. significantly increased the conversion into a paid purchase.

We wish you good clients, more work and more earnings!

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