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Revitalizing Healthcare Marketing: A Dual-Platform Digital Strategy

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Business Situation

In March 2021, the Affordable Medicine Clinic, already operating two branches in St. Petersburg and preparing to open a third, became a client of ours. They offer a range of medical services, including specialist referrals and diagnostic tests.


The clinic approached us for help in navigating the complex world of PPC advertising for healthcare services. They needed to increase their visibility in search engines while adhering to strict advertising guidelines.

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We undertook a comprehensive approach, starting with a thorough analysis of their existing PPC campaigns. We then crafted a dual strategy for Google Ads and Yandex.Direct, considering the unique requirements and advantages of each platform.


Our team meticulously prepared and submitted necessary documentation for Yandex.Direct and crafted ad copy that met the platform’s requirements. For Google Ads, we focused on general vocabulary to navigate its restrictions, targeting the clinic’s main page rather than specific services.


  • Search Advertising on Google Ads: We launched campaigns for all the clinic’s services, adjusting bids and strategies based on performance data. Over time, we focused on the most demanded services like MRI, CT, and ultrasound.
  • Search Advertising on Yandex.Direct: We collected relevant search queries and launched campaigns with manual bids, later shifting to conversion optimization strategies.
CampaignConversionsAvg. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
MRI889366 rubles
CT1789323 rubles
Ultrasound408363 rubles

Performance Benefits

  • Efficiently managed PPC advertising across two platforms.
  • Achieved significant visibility for the clinic’s services.
  • Maintained budget efficiency while maximizing reach and conversions.


Our ongoing work with the Affordable Medicine Clinic continues to evolve. We constantly monitor and adjust campaigns to align with their objectives, ensuring that PPC advertising remains a potent tool in their marketing arsenal.



Kuznetsov Evgenij, Russia

Dear Ruslan Tula,

“Dostupnaya Medicina” LLC thanks the Web-Sci advertising agency for effective cooperation! We contacted the agency on the recommendation, we were advised to cooperate with Web-Sci as with exceptional professionals in PPC marketing, specifically advertising in search engines.

After briefing and analysis of existing advertising campaigns, it was decided to make everything from scratch. The situation was complicated by the fact that medicine is not a very tolerated topic by Google Ads. However, the agency’s specialists coped with the task perfectly. Under the management of the Web-Sci company, now our Google Ads and Yandex Direct with a total budget of about 1,500,000 rubles per month. The price per one lead dropped by more than 5 times. We have absolutely no doubt that every ruble has been used with the maximum benefit for us.

High-quality technical support, high professional qualifications of employees, and instant feedback are important characteristics of the agency for us.

We also express our gratitude to the head of the agency – Ruslan Tula for professionalism, high qualifications, responsibility and personal qualities. He has proven that the agency uses the latest innovations in PPC Marketing and achieves the best performance.


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