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Plumbing Marketing in Ottawa: A Success Story of Unbelievable 700% Increase in ROI

≈ $45 CAD

Business Situation

I would like to tell you about Plumbing Marketing in Ottawa. Since 2015, Dave Smith from Prime Plumbing has been enhancing its reach in Residential and Commercial Plumbing throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. Boasting a team of 3 skilled plumbing professionals, they offer various services, focusing on Residential Plumbing, Maintenance, and tailored solutions for complex commercial projects.


  • Acquiring Leads & Calls specific to the local market in a highly competitive niche.
  • Create and optimize an ad account to boost quality calls.
  • Measuring success through specific conversion behaviours like direct calls.

The campaign centred on key performance indicators, such as encouraging visitors to make direct calls through the website or a Search Snippet (without necessarily browsing the site further).

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  • Launched an Ottawa GEO-Targeting Ad Campaign in October 2023, starting with a monthly investment of $3000 CAD.
  • Extended market reach by tactically targeting competitor brand keywords in Google Ads, carefully crafting ad titles to avoid legal restrictions.
  • Implemented ongoing tracking for timely adjustments to the keyword strategy.
  • Moved to Smart Bidding after noting a decrease in conversion costs, which markedly improved the campaign’s efficiency. 
  • Implemented Click Fraud Protection to avoid aggressive competitors, and spam bots and block harmful traffic from wasting the ad budget.

Hey there, I’m Dave, and I run a Plumbing Company in Ottawa, Canada.

And I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Ruslan and his team at Tula Solutions. You know, we’ve been working together for, I’d say, about half a year now, and it’s been awesome.

Since teaming up with Tula Solutions, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with calls from new customers. They really know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing. What I really appreciate about them is how they’re always on time, and they deliver great work. Ruslan and his team went above and beyond what I expected.

They’ve done so much more for my business than I ever thought possible. So if you’re in the plumbing business and you’re looking to get more customers, you should definitely check out Tula Solutions. They’ve been a big help to me, and I just bet they can do the same for you.

Dave Smith
Dave Smith - Plumbing Marketing in Ottawa


When website visitors showed high interest in specific services, the client increased their budget by $3000 CAD to $5000 CAD monthly due to initial success and concentrated our focus on these specific services. This adjustment led to an influx of qualified leads, surpassing their capacity, prompting a return to the budget of $4000 CAD.

Thus, we secured 100% occupancy for the Company’s Plumbers.


  High-performing campaigns (Mart 1 – April 1, 2024) 💪

CampaignConversionsAvg. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Residential Plumbing Repairs40$41 CAD
Commercial Plumbing Solutions26$51 CAD
Plumbing Marketing in Ottawa

Performance Benefits

  • Strategically configured pay-per-conversion advertising for maximum efficiency, reducing overall costs.
  • Decreased monthly ad spending from $5000 CAD (initial client’s budget before we started to cooperate) to $4000 CAD due to an influx of qualified leads, surpassing the company’s capacity.
  • Transitioned focus from advertising services to fulfilling a high volume of orders and expanding the team of plumbing specialists.
  • Maintained Digital Marketing efforts cost-effectively in the background.


As of May 2024, we’ve adjusted our strategy with Prime Plumbing Services, operating on a streamlined monthly budget of $4000 CAD. This ensures we maintain an effective cost-per-call ratio similar to previous achievements.

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