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Fortifying Business Success: Mastering Google Ads for Security Lab

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Business Situation

Security Lab, a Czech company specializing in security systems, video surveillance, and access control, operates in a highly competitive market. Their need for effective PPC advertising was crucial, as previous collaborations with local agencies and freelancers had resulted in high lead costs and subpar outcomes. This led them to approach us for a more efficient digital marketing strategy.


Security Lab faced several challenges:

  • The need for a constant influx of customers at a low conversion cost.
  • Overcoming language barriers in ad creation and targeting.
  • Optimizing their existing Google Ads campaigns which were underperforming.

The primary goals were to attract new customers, re-engage potential customers through remarketing, boost sales with Google Shopping, and enhance brand awareness using YouTube Ads.

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Our approach involved several key strategies:

  • Launching targeted search ads in Google Ads.
  • Implementing comprehensive remarketing campaigns.
  • Utilizing Google Shopping and Smart Shopping for increased sales.
  • Promoting brand awareness through YouTube Ads.

We tackled the language barrier by preparing ad texts in English and involving an English-Czech translator. This ensured the ads were both understandable and relevant to the target audience.


We customized our approach by:

  • Focusing on specific product categories in our search campaigns.
  • Using structured snippets, phone numbers, promotions, and other extensions in ads.
  • Setting up dynamic remarketing and YouTube remarketing campaigns.
  • Transitioning from standard to Smart Shopping campaigns for better cost management.


The results of our collaboration with Security Lab were significant:

  • A steady increase in conversions with optimized costs.
  • Successful re-engagement of potential customers through remarketing.
  • Enhanced brand visibility and customer acquisition through Google Shopping and YouTube Ads.
  • An overall increase in ROI and a reduction in the cost per conversion.
CampaignConversionsAvg. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Smart Shopping80224 CZK
Remarketing6413 CZK
YouTube Remarketing4672 CZK

It’s worth mentioning that due to the lack of call tracking, some of the conversions are missing from the reports. And this means that the real price per lead is even lower.


Our work with Security Lab highlights the importance of continuous optimization and strategic adjustments in PPC campaigns. By focusing on quality conversions and cost-effective strategies, we established a stable, long-term partnership with the client, delivering results that exceeded their expectations.



Ivan Dedov, Czech Republic

We would like to express our gratitude to the team of the Marketing Agency ‘Web-Sci’ for their professionalism, non-standard approach, prompt feedback, and high results in promoting our website through the Google Ads advertising system.

These guys know how to clearly define the desired target audience, showing ads only to those who can potentially be interested in. As a result, the efficiency increases, and the advertising budget doesn’t disappear in the vastness of the virtual space.

All terms and agreements have been met. Thank you, we are very grateful for our cooperation!


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