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Diving into Digital Success: Google Ads Campaign for Ramayana Water Park

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Business Situation

In 2015, Ramayana Water Park, Thailand’s largest water park, sought to enhance its online presence. Spanning 18.4 hectares and boasting 21 attractions, the park needed a robust digital strategy to attract more visitors and boost ticket sales.


Ramayana Water Park faced the challenge of not only attracting new customers but also establishing a strong brand identity. The goal was to implement an effective PR strategy, tailored to Thai cultural nuances, while ensuring a high return on investment (ROI).

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Tula Digital Marketing took a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Google Ads: We launched search and display network advertising, along with YouTube video ads, targeting English, Russian, and Thai-speaking audiences.
  2. Adaptation Over Translation: Recognizing the unique aspects of the Thai alphabet, we adapted rather than directly translated ad content.
  3. Enhanced Ecommerce: We integrated Google Analytics with the park’s CRM to track sales and calculate ROI effectively.


Our strategy included:

  1. Targeted Advertising: We tailored ads for different audiences, including international visitors during the tourist season.
  2. Cultural Sensitivity: Adjustments were made during significant Thai events, like the King’s passing and the Songkran festival.
  3. Seasonal Adjustments: We reallocated budgets based on the tourist and local seasons.


The campaign was a success, with high conversion rates and significant profit growth: the average cost of attracting one customer was 133 THB, while their average spending was 4200 THB. The average cost per acquisition (CPA) was efficiently managed, and the park’s services gained recognition both locally and internationally.

Performance Benefits

  • High Conversion Rates: The campaign achieved a substantial increase in ticket sales.
  • Brand Recognition: Ramayana Water Park became a well-known destination in Thailand and beyond.
  • Efficient Budget Use: The advertising budget was optimized for maximum effectiveness.


The project with Ramayana Water Park was a landmark in our journey, showcasing our ability to adapt to cultural nuances and leverage the full potential of Google Ads. Though our direct involvement has ended, the strategies and systems we implemented continue to benefit the park.



Badekha Stanislav, Thailand

Tula Ruslan Sergeevich provides his services in the Google Ad sphere for Ramayana Water Park since September 2016.

During the time of the cooperation, Ruslan showed his ability to work with taking full responsibility and with a high-quality finishing in time for the deadlines. After updating logic and setting according to recommendations of the specialist After updating the logic and settings according to the recommendations of this specialist, all the indicators of the campaigns have grown significantly, the number of conversions has increased and the average cost of attracting one end user has been reduced.

Also has been launched smart remarketing for reaching potential customers and getting back website visitors. Ruslan in the working process always shows initiative and provides online support in the presence of necessary adjustments. Because of the above-described actions of the specialist, the company’s budget for advertising in Google is being now used much more effectively.

We hope for further great cooperation and wish Ruslan more interesting projects in his care.


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