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Crafting Success Online: Google Ads Strategy for Decorative Metals

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Business Situation

Since its inception, Decorative Metals has been a leader in producing metal structures, serving clients in Moscow and the surrounding areas. Known for their quality and craftsmanship, they faced the challenge of managing fluctuating demand, leading to periods of boom and bust.


Decorative Metals sought to maintain steady production and sales during low-demand periods. They decided to leverage PPC advertising to attract customers and approached Tula Digital Marketing for this purpose. Their goals were to:

  • Configure search ads in Google Ads.
  • Set up remarketing for returning users who had already visited the site.
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Tula Digital Marketing’s approach included:

  • A small budget, recognizing the client’s need for cost-effective solutions.
  • Periodic advertising to match the company’s demand cycles.
  • A focus on maximizing conversions without strict cost-per-conversion limits due to the high value of the company’s services.


We tailored the campaign to the unique needs of Decorative Metals:

  • Search campaigns were aligned with the products manufactured, such as bar counters, facades, and railings.
  • Remarketing strategies were employed using the Google Display Network, targeting previous website visitors with dynamic ads.


The campaign’s success was evident in its results:

  • 773 site visits and 46 recorded conversions.
  • Significant orders received, meeting the client’s demand requirements.

Performance Benefits

  • Efficient PPC advertising configuration.
  • Periodic campaign adjustments to align with the company’s demand cycles.
  • High ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted advertising approach.


The ongoing collaboration with Decorative Metals continues to adapt to their fluctuating demand, ensuring a steady flow of orders and maintaining their market position. Our approach demonstrates the power of tailored Google Ads campaigns in driving business success.



Babkina Elena, Russia

“Stalproekt” Decorativnye Metally LLC expresses its gratitude to Web-Sci advertising agency and General Director Mr. Tula Ruslan Sergeevich for the high-quality, timely, and attentive service rendered to our company.

Throughout our cooperation, Web Sci specialists have performed beyond expectation and proved to be qualified and well-trained. Ruslan Sergeevich brilliantly set up Google Ads contextual advertising and completed all the tasks. He has further provided professional advice, and consulting, supported us at every stage, answered all questions in detail and has always been in touch.

Current outcomes: we receive plenty of requests and views; our company implements projects and negotiates with would-be customers who have been reached exactly as advertising effects.

Hereby we acknowledge Mr. Tula and the Web-Sci advertising agency for their effective and expert work, tailor-made advertising solutions, outstanding interaction, and successful Google Ads results. “Stalproekt” Decorativnye metally LLC is certain to continue with the agency.

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