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Crafting Dreams into Reality: A Google Ads Success Story for Home Construction

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Business Situation

Since its inception, Byrne Homes has been a cornerstone in Auckland’s home construction industry, offering a full spectrum of services from design and topographic surveys to finishing works and interior design. Despite their comprehensive service range, the team at Byrne Homes found themselves stretched thin, with little time to devote to client acquisition.


Byrne Homes faced the dual challenge of reaching a target audience in the mid-high price segment and efficiently managing their Google Ads campaigns. They needed a partner who could not only understand their unique business needs but also effectively attract the right clientele through targeted advertising.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for this project included:

  • Engaging potential clients through targeted search ads.
  • Implementing effective remarketing strategies.
  • Utilizing Google Display Network (GDN) ads to reach relevant audiences.
  • Capturing new leads through YouTube video ads.
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In October 2019, Byrne Homes partnered with Tula Digital Marketing. Our initial strategy involved a comprehensive review of Byrne Homes’ services and advertising formats. We established a geo-targeting radius of 60 km around Auckland and employed a mix of search advertising, GDN, and YouTube video ads.


Our approach was multi-faceted:

  • We utilized dynamic search ads and various ad extensions to enhance ad visibility and engagement.
  • Ads were tailored to emphasize the premium quality and specific price range of Byrne Homes’ services, minimizing irrelevant traffic.
  • Different bidding strategies were employed across campaigns to optimize performance.


Over 10 months, our efforts yielded impressive results:

  • A total of 116 conversions with an average cost of 71.20 NZD.
  • Specific campaign performances included 88 conversions for new home searches at $54.84 NZD per conversion, and 13 conversions for renovation searches at $119.27 NZD per conversion.
CampaignConversionsAvg. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Search campaign for new homes88$54.84 NZD
Search campaign for renovations13$119.27 NZD
Brand search campaign5$4.06 NZD
GDN3$147.16 NZD
GDN Remarketing3$62.34 NZD
SmartGDN3$101.18 NZD

Performance Benefits

Our collaboration with Byrne Homes led to:

  • A significant increase in qualified leads.
  • Optimized ad spend with a focus on the most effective strategies.
  • A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that allowed Byrne Homes to focus on their core business.


This case study exemplifies the power of a well-orchestrated Google Ads campaign. By understanding Byrne Homes’ unique market position and service offerings, we were able to tailor a strategy that not only reached their target audience but also maximized their advertising ROI.



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