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Amplifying Business Coaching Success: Mastering Google Ads for Targeted Growth

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Business Situation

In 2018, Andy Burrows, a seasoned business coach specializing in the construction industry, approached us. With 25 years of experience and a successful guidebook under his belt, Andy’s expertise in guiding construction businesses to new heights of profitability was undisputed. Our task was to mirror his success in the digital realm through effective internet marketing strategies.


Andy’s challenge was twofold:

  1. To attract a highly specific audience: top management in construction, freelance builders, and commercial enterprise owners in New Zealand.
  2. To convert these targeted visitors into clients, either through direct service inquiries or by funneling them through his free guidebook download.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were centered around:

  • Service inquiries via calls or emails.
  • Downloads of the free guidebook.
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Our strategy kicked off with a comprehensive Google Ads campaign, leveraging both search advertising and the Google Display Network (GDN). We meticulously crafted ad texts to resonate with the target audience and continuously refined our approach through rigorous testing of keywords, content, and landing pages.


We tailored our approach by:

  • Focusing on keywords that resonated with builders and construction professionals.
  • Using responsive ads to lead not just to the main page but also to the guidebook download.
  • Implementing smart strategies like Target CPA and Maximize conversions to optimize campaign performance.


Our efforts yielded impressive results:

  • A significant increase in targeted conversions, including service inquiries and guidebook downloads.
  • An effective blend of search advertising and GDN, tailored to the construction audience.

During our work we reached an average conversion price of $20-30 depending on the season. Since there are fewer construction projects in winter, the demand regularly decreases during this period.

Performance Benefits

  • Efficiently configured PPC advertising.
  • Continuous refinement of strategies led to high-quality leads and reduced conversion costs.


Our collaboration with Andy Burrows was a testament to the power of flexible, responsive digital marketing. By constantly adapting our strategies to audience behavior and cutting out ineffective traffic, we delivered exactly what our client needed: a steady stream of potential clients ready to engage with his services.



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