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Accelerating Success: Infobus’s Journey to a 320% Marketing ROI with Google Ads

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Business Situation

Since its inception, Infobus has been revolutionizing the way passengers connect with bus carriers across Europe. Their platform simplifies the process of finding routes, comparing prices, and purchasing tickets online. However, despite bridging distances between cities, Infobus faced the challenge of bringing their service closer to potential users and enhancing brand visibility.


  • Infobus approached Tula Digital Marketing with two primary goals: increasing brand awareness across Europe and boosting online ticket sales.
  • The company’s previous PPC efforts were self-managed, resulting in costs four times higher than the returns. A fresh, more strategic approach to Google Ads was needed.
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  • In November 2016, Tula Digital Marketing embarked on a mission to overhaul Infobus’s advertising strategy with a monthly budget of 300-500 thousand rubles.
  • We crafted targeted search campaigns for each travel direction and implemented dynamic remarketing for brand queries.
  • The campaign structure was meticulously organized, with separate campaigns for each country and ad groups for each travel route.


  • We tailored ads in Czech, English, and Russian, considering Infobus’s diverse European market.
  • Negative keywords were strategically used to refine targeting and prevent confusion in route advertising.


  • The campaigns showed immediate effectiveness, with a significant increase in conversions and ticket sales.
  • By the third month (the work was carried out from November 2016 to May 2017), the advertising ROI skyrocketed to 320%, a fourfold increase compared to the previous period.
  • The cost per conversion was optimized to 40-60 CZK, thanks to intelligent structuring and Google’s smart strategies.
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Performance Benefits

  • The revamped Google Ads strategy not only reduced costs but also significantly increased Infobus’s online visibility and sales.
  • The dynamic remarketing approach proved highly effective, drawing in a large volume of targeted traffic at a lower cost.


  • Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on campaign performance and market trends ensured sustained success.
  • The focus shifted as needed, for instance, emphasizing campaigns from Ukraine to Poland during periods of high demand.


Grigori Kushch, Czech Republic

Feedback on cooperation with the company Web-Sci

We cooperate with the Web-Sci agency represented by Tula Ruslan since the end of 2016. During this period, the advertising campaign indicators have grown significantly. We updated the logic of advertising campaigns, and set up smart remarketing for customers. We constantly implement new technologies available from Google. As a result, the conversion has grown.

I would like to separately highlight the responsible and professional approach of the specialist. Online support and fast adjustments when necessary. Web-Sci in the person of Ruslan Tula, actively takes the initiative, regularly analyzes the results of the current campaigns and makes corrections on the basis of the information received.

We wish you successful projects and achieve new goals!


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