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Jason Van Veldhuysen, Canada
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Hello everyone! My name is Jason Van Veldhuysen, and I am the owner and founder of precision striking, which is an online business catered towards teaching people how to box, and I’ve been doing that for about the past six years as well as for the past ten years YouTube, and I’ve been doing fairly well with my business. I’m up to about four hundred and fifty thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Now, as I’ve grown my business, I’ve added different aspects new products upgraded my website, etc. but one area that has always been my weakness, and something that I knew I needed to have mastered for me was my advertising. If I wanted to really scale my business and take things to the next level, I needed my advertising to be on point. Now, I don’t know about you and your business but most of my time is spent working on my products, working on the creative, etc., and I haven’t had much time or focus to really get into the advertising aspect.

So, that’s where Ruslan from Web-Sci came in, and really helped me understand what’s going on with my advertising, helped me set up everything, so I could understand it. So, the first thing that he did was research my business: what are people searching for, what are some of the other websites that are similar, and what are some of the other YouTube channels that are similar, so he could help me build ads around this. Now, if you’re a creative person, you can always have that going for yourself but he also can help you with the creative. So, he’s helping you with the research to understand your business and where people are coming from, helping you with the creative, helping you set up the ads, helping you link that all with your Google Analytics, and putting it all in one place. This was the beauty of it, for me, working with Ruslan.

Before, I used to just get money put up an ad on Facebook and just throw money at it and kind of hope, and even when I put the pixel on my website I wasn’t able to track it really he didn’t seem like the tracking was working. I wasn’t really sure where the conversions were coming from or if there was a conversion at all. With Ruslan’s in-depth knowledge of analytics Google, tag manager, Google Ads, and also just understanding of the whole process, he linked that all together and put in one place I was able to see all my results, so I could know my cost per lead, I could figure that out, cost per conversion, cost per acquisition of a customer and really start to understand how much in advertising do I need to spend to acquire a customer, what does that cost.

Now, within the advertising itself, he also would break down the different types of ads, so, you’re getting display marketing, video, if you got it, video ads, remarketing ads, in-stream ads on YouTube, banner ads, all different types, so you could start to see not only what the cost of your spend is and what the ROI on that spend is but where it’s most effective. Is it coming from the remarketing, or is it coming from the in-stream or the display? So, once you start to really understand your business and what has the most impact, then you can really zero in on the best advertising for you, and start to focus your dollars there.

The number one thing that Ruslan has done for me isn’t able to help me really understand the advertising and my spin and what’s giving me the best ROI, so that I can spend most of my time focusing on my business itself and really update the advertising every now and then but let that advertising really work for me in the most effective way, while I stay focused on my business. And, I think that if you allow Ruslan to help you out with your advertising, you’re gonna really be able to take your business to the next level and scale it. His knowledge and insight are really some of the best out there.


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